Christian Woman Submissions

2020 THEMES & Submission Deadlines

(due December 1, 2019)
Find it! See it! Be it!

(due January 25, 2020)
Heaven and Earth—
Our Homes

(due March 15, 2020)
Land, Sea, and Plants—
Staying Grounded and Still Growing


(due May 1, 2020)

Sun, Moon, and Stars—
Living a Life of Purpose

(due July 1, 2020)

Birds, Fish, and Land Animals—
Animal Encounters in Scripture

(due September 1, 2020)
Life and Relationships

Join us as CW features you,
your region, your cuisine,
your traditions, and
your celebrations.

A Matter of Taste 2020 will introduce our readers to the special features of your part of the world. Your submissions will appear by region in each issue and on social media. Submit as groups or individuals. CW will be making a few surprise visits throughout the year. Entice us to head your way.

We look forward to seeing you, hearing from you, and getting to know what makes your area special. International subscribers may submit for any issue below or by emailing, please include your name, address, phone number, and a brief bio.


Content may be submitted through the form below or by mail. If mailed, send to CW Editor, 1006 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210. Please include your name, address, phone number, and a brief bio.

Submitted materials may be held by CW for up to two years (or longer if specifically requested by the editor). You must provide accurate contact information with your submission. Submissions without contact information will be discarded. If your contact information changes while your materials are under consideration, it is your responsibility to provide updated information to us. This will ensure your receipt of one complimentary copy following the publishing of your content.

Due to the number of submissions received, CW does not and cannot guarantee that it will review, publish, or respond to all submissions.

By submitting written works, artwork, and/or photographs to the Gospel Advocate Company, in any format or media, you understand and agree that such photographs will not be returned and that you have read and are in compliance with all Submission Guidelines on this page. For one-of-a-kind artwork and photographs, please notify us that they exist and send a representation along with your submission. If needed, we will make special arrangements to get the original items to and from you safely. Please do not send items of that type without prior notification as we cannot guarantee their safety.

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Please note that submission to CW does not guarantee publication. Also note that works published in CW become the property of the Gospel Advocate Company and cannot be republished by the author without written permission from the Gospel Advocate Company. If your submission is chosen you will be asked to sign a brief document that confirms GA ownership.

If your file size exceeds 32MB, please don’t downsize email for alternative upload options.

Photography or Illustration

We only accept photographs taken by you that do not contain individual people or minor children (unless you are able to provide written releases by those individuals/their guardians, as applicable). If allowable photos or artwork accompany your submission, photos must be high-resolution versions of 300 dpi minimum, 8″ x 11″, and must either be original to the submitter or submitter must have all necessary rights to copy, publish, and distribute those photos.

Accepted file formats are .jpg, .tif, .eps, .pdf, .psd, .ai, or .procreate files. We also can accept .zip files. The form on this page limits you 32MB limit per file. If the photos are too large to submit via the form on this page, arrangements should be made with the editor to submit via large file-sharing sources such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or by CD or thumb drive.

Since CW publishes material that is exclusive and original in content, you may not submit or copy any work published by CW to any other magazine, website, blog, or media. To get the most visibility possible—both from the perspective of protecting our publication’s integrity and protecting our fabulous authors—we require exclusive rights to all submissions that we choose to publish. This means that works published in CW become the sole property of Gospel Advocate Company and cannot be republished without our permission. We recognize that an author may wish to use her submission as part of a portfolio or sample of her work. If you wish to use your submission in this way, please let us know so you can be guided through the allowable use of the published document.

Should you choose to submit elsewhere or withdraw your content from consideration, you must do so by email to or regular mail to CW Editor, 1006 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210.

By submitting unsolicited content, you are granting the Gospel Advocate Company an irrevocable license to your correspondence as well as the submitted content, along with an unrestricted right to edit or modify the correspondence and/or content prior to publishing, and you waive all rights to approval prior to publishing.

Submission Guidelines

We accept original works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  Articles must be original content—in other words, created entirely by the contributor—not published in any other print or digital media (magazines, books, blog posts, e-mags, etc.) unless otherwise specifically stated by CW. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that the author has all necessary rights to copy, publish, and distribute all content submitted by that author, that doing so would not result in copyright infringement or other liability to the author or to CW under applicable law, and all submitted material is original to that author. In other words, by submitting any content to CW—whether written, photographic, or otherwise—you warrant and represent that the content you are submitting is your own original content, that you have obtained all necessary licenses to use any content you have not created yourself, and that the content you submit does not and will not infringe on the rights of any third party.

All content will be subject to editorial changes. Also, by providing material for publication, you grant the Gospel Advocate Company, publisher of Christian Woman magazine, permission to use your submitted content—including your correspondence and biographical information (including name, image, and/or likeness)—for all other purposes, including, but not limited to, promotional, marketing, and advertisement, whether physical or electronic, and your submitted content may be reproduced and repurposed in other works or media with proper citation and attribution given to the author.

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