In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to completely close the sales and distribution operations of the Gospel Advocate Company until a time determined safe by the CDC and national and local governing bodies. We will not be accepting orders via email or phone messages. It is our intent to maintain physical distance as has been requested by our government.

Our editorial offices will be working from home. As long as the print company will be working, Gospel Advocate and Christian Woman magazines will arrive as usual. We will keep you informed of any changes in their production.

Our accounting department will be working off-site as well. Many of you have inquired about making payments. If you would like to receive a call to make a payment or if you would like to receive a link to pay your invoice online via credit card or e-payment, please email us at

We have many exciting new products coming your way, and we look forward to sharing those with you via a new website and sales channel later this spring. GA Co is blessed with exceptional writers who have patiently waited for the arrival of their new books. While we are excited with several new releases, we will not open the online store until we can be fully operational. This time will be announced after health officials and governing bodies determine it is safe to be in close contact within a working environment.

The last few months have been a tremendous challenge as we’ve made changes throughout the business amid serious health issues. We appreciate your encouragement, kindness, and prayers personally and as we have navigated the pain of this world with many of our brothers and sisters. Many in our area, who like you, have been told to go home and stay safe with family until the threat of the virus calms down, lost both home and family due to natural disaster a few weeks ago. They have no homes to go to. They have lost loved ones. The pain is raw and real here and throughout the world.

Amid the pain, the family of God can rejoice in the fact that we have a future and hope in Him. We have a close and tight bond that knits our hearts together regardless of social distance. Our salvation will always be in keeping close to Him and distant from the world.

May God bless you all.

Randy and Jodie Duke